Monday, 21 May 2012

Recruitment Agencies

With a year's experience under my belt and the new graduates soon to be released onto London's creative scene, I have been keen to apply for as many jobs as possible. With my sources for employment opportunities being mostly Design Week, Creative Review, The Guardian and other design blogs, I have found that inevitably, junior positions are often applied for through an agency. 

Last week I had my interview, or "portfolio review"with an agency, which I found really useful. Not only did it force me to pad out my portfolio with some industry work, but allowed me to gain another's view on it: someone with experience of employing juniors in this industry. She had an overview that whilst there weren't many junior positions around at the moment, there would be more soon and with a year's experience, she ensure me that it will not be long before I get "snapped up". 

Whilst she maintained she didn't often see people of my experience, as perhaps I am premature in my application, she highlighted what was good about my work and what it said to her about me. In going to an agency it is important to show what you want to do and have a portfolio that reflects you, as they will ideally try and find a place that suits you. 

As a consultant, she will send out my work to prospective agencies just to get a reaction, see if there is any work, and as an application for any junior positions that she sees my work fit for. She said, too she had a few agencies in mind when she saw my work, so I could target my cv-sending to agencies that would suit my work. It is I guess, like having an extra pair of hands to help with your applications, providing, ofcourse, she does what she says she will. 

I am new to the idea of recruitment agencies, but whilst I am a little sceptical, I am positive. It was nice to have a different perspective on the whole employment situation, with someone who I trust has some idea of what they are talking about. She also valued me as a freelance at the competitive rate of £80-£100 a day, which is a good deal more than what I am getting paid at the moment. Bargain, I'd say: let's see what she can do. 


  1. I've also recently been trying my luck with recruiting agencies (in my case, for publishing entry-level positions); I feel that, if only for a potential comission, they will at least move my CV around. Best of luck!

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