Thursday, 26 January 2012

I've Lost My Design Libido

My portfolio hasn't been changed or been added to since the day it was marked. Working a 6-day week, I have found it impossible to build up enough enthusiasm and energy to pull my pen and sketchbook from my desk drawer and work on self inititiated projects.

Many interns are forced to work additional days at bars, clubs, cafes or shops because they cannot support themselves on the wages of an internship alone and yet interviewers expect you to 'find the time' to add to their portfolio. After an entire week spent in front of a Mac, the last thing you want to do on your day off is design, espescially when you have your food shopping to do!

I wish I had the enthusiasm I had when I was a student. If anything, doing design internships has led to a sharp decrease in my design libido. I used to stay up all night, pen in hand, but now I just roll over and enjoy my sleep. Without interesting projects to work on, I can see that I may soon lose my love for design. But without the time or the energy, how do I keep the passion alive?

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