Thursday, 2 February 2012

Keeping Linked-In

London is a small place and I often find myself avoiding eye contact with an old class mate on the opposite platform. Bumping in to old classmates is an opportunity to see what every one else is up to. Eeveryone is Oh so interested in what agency you are with, they are even more interested in telling you how much they are earning and how easily they got their job/placement. 

Social networking sites and linked-in are bad enough at rubbing in your face that others have a job, despite you thinking the you are better than them at College. If university taught me one thing and one thing only it was arrogance. I thought I was up there. I was better than the rest, I could have thought of that idea, could have done designed that better, could get that job or that placement. I thought I would atleast get a yellow pencil! 

Being given the chance to prove that I am better than the fifty or so others, however, I am not doing so well. 

There is nothing worse for my self confidence than hearing of the successes of others. Espescially since I consider most of the agencies taken over by my classmates as now out of bounds. Which is a shame, because they are some really good agencies. (Damn them.)

Well, atleast that's one more stamp saved. 

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